Fall Change-Up Tips for a Successful Career Transition


The Fall is a wonderful time of year when the seasons change, the temperature cools and we start to think about winding down for the year.  However, the Fall is a very active time of year for recruitment as many companies want to get candidates on board before the start of the new year or the change of fiscal year when headcount can be lost due to vacant positions. 

Instead, think about increasing your activities starting today.  Here are some suggestions:

1.  The Informational Interview
Seek out more people you know and invite them to coffee (Informational Interviews). This can be one of your best sources for being introduced to key people in the industry or company of choice.  It is usually not the first, but the fourth or fifth person from the original individual you are introduced to that is the key player you need for career success. 

2.  Visit the Workforce Development Office
Make friends with one of the agents there, many are very willing to help if they just know you are looking.

3.  Volunteer
Get out of the house and volunteer in more than one place. You will get to know new people; new opportunities may be presented and you get to be a hero to an organization or someone in need. You get a great emotional boost too.

4.  Review Your Marketing Materials
Review your resume, bio, LinkedIn page or other social media formats to be sure each is up to date and using the latest trends in job search

5.  Review All Your Profiles and Documents
Your profiles and any documents attached on job boards like Jobs.com, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, Zip Recruiters, etc., might need review and updating. An old profile can cause you to be either filtered out or not considered as a serious candidate.

6.  Make Good Clothing Choices
One of the most overlooked issue this time of year is that with the change of seasons comes the shift in our clothing choices.  Be sure to try on all items you plan to wear for informational interviews, onsite interviews or career fairs as you may have gained or lost weight as the year has gone by.  If clothing is too baggy you may be able to have items tailored to fit, if they are too tight then you may need to make a trip to your favorite shop for items that provide a much fresher appearance.  Either way… Look Sharp!

7.  Shoes Can Make a Difference
Don’t forget to check your shoe choices, polish and resole if possible or buy to better fit the current style trends.  Old styles can be a deterrent when interviewing with those hiring manager of a younger bracket.  You don’t want to be the “old candidate”. 

8.  Be Grateful
In this season of Thanksgiving and gift giving remember to take time to be grateful.  Even in a time of transition when money may be tight or you see little opportunity, count the things you can be grateful for daily.  If you can get in a habit of being grateful for the little things then I believe you will see a major transformation in your future as positive thinking is very contagious and wonderful to be around.  After all, who would not want that happy and pleasant person on their team. 

Good Luck and keep believing that you can leverage your past for future success!

Kathy Goodin-Mitchell, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Career Advisor & Founder, Career Leverage Advisors