Career Transition Planning for Year's End


Grateful… Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Today as I was thinking about the holiday season my head started thinking of the old Beatles song with a lot of Yah’s in it.  Why, I don’t have a clue, but since this is a time of giving thanks many in the transition journey would probably say, “Thanks, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, right”, but you can feel more thankful when giving more effort into the process during the Season.

How can we make the most out of this time in our life with more than a lip sync kind of feeling? 

1.      Make a lists

List what you are grateful for today, this week, this month and this year.  Even if the list is short make it count.  Look back at the things that were accomplished even though difficult, family, friends, the opportunity to do something for others that you may not have been able to do if not in the journey.  Also, look ahead at what things you can be grateful for in the new year. 

2.      Spend your time wisely

Spend your time wisely when not working on your job search activities.  Take the time to bake the cookies with the kids, sing in the choir, feed the homeless and elderly, babysit for someone who needs to go shopping, take the dog to the park, participate in the Christmas play, take a drive to see the lights or watch a great old movie that makes you happy.  The ultimate challenge is to see if you can capture the feelings you had as a kid during Christmas time.

3.      Discover your “Why” 

This means figure out why you are here on this Earth, in this family and on this journey.  Take the time to discover yourself by taking a breath and looking around for all the greatness you see.  Some would say to stand at the ocean’s edge and feel small while others may look up at the night’s sky to see all the stars to feel the wonder of the universe.  What ever it takes, use this opportunity to learn about yourself and discover your purpose again.

4.      Say Thanks

Just keep saying “Thanks” and professing your appreciation for everything you have.  When you rise in the morning give thanks for a new day.  When you sit down for a meal give thanks for what you have on the table.  When you take a walk give thanks for health, nature and natural resources we have access to daily.  Hey, if nothing else give thanks that we have modern plumbing in the home.  For one, I would not want to live without it.  Find the little things that are taken from granted and be grateful for each.

It does not take much, but it does take awareness to be grateful in a serious and meaningful way.  We don’t have to glaze over the real meaning of this Season just because our journey is difficult or long.  Give thanks and appreciate all you have… Yeah.

Kathy Goodin-Mitchell, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Career Leverage Advisors