Mindfulmess... The Here and Now

Leveraging the Past for Future Success

For some time, I have been encouraging my clients to use “Mindfulness” or attention to the “Present”, so they learn to focus on current issues.  For many staying “Present” in mind is very difficult because we tend to let our minds and attention drift to dwell on the future or things we can’t control or even predict.  When we let our minds wonder or get bogged down in the future challenges we eliminate many of the most important steps in our transition and/or other life commitments. 

Here are 10 positives to starting a practice of “Mindfulness”:

1.     We learn to focus on today

2.     We allow ourselves to break up big issues into small ones.

3.     We don’t get ahead of ourselves in trying to fix things before pre-work is completed

4.     We learn to plan, but execute the plan one step at a time

5.     We allow for mistakes, do overs and changes by focusing on the current

6.     People notice use paying attention to them and their issues instead of other issues

7.     We become more aware of our surroundings, people, and daily ques that may have been missed before

8.     The Boss, spouse, kids, friends and peers will have a better impression of you

9.     We become happier by limiting the stress of too much to do

10.  We can enjoy the special things that come along daily because we are not thinking about things of tomorrow or next week or even next year.  We focus on the now.

So how can you become more “Mindful” or “Be Present”? 

Some use yoga, meditation, prayer or exercise to help clear the mind, focus on the present or one issue.  Will it take time to develop a good practice?  Yes.  Can you do it?  Yes. 

I encourage you to buy a book on the subject and start practicing your “Mindfulness” or “Being Present” in 2018.    Listed below is a link to the best books from 2017 on this subject by Mrs. Mindfulness:


I hope this gives you a sense of why it is important to be “Mindful” or “Present” today and every day going forward.