job search

Review and Plan Ahead for Best Results


Friday's are the day when business professionals wrap up the week and plan for the next. If you are in job search take today to do the same. Here are some examples of what busy job searchers do to keep their activity level high and focus on point:


  • What did I accomplish this week? 
  • How many contacts and introductions did I obtain?
  • How many informational interviews did I have?
  • How many jobs did I apply for or research?
  • Send Thank You notes if not already completed
  • Did my documents help me or hurt me in the search?
  • How many job interviews did I have?
  • Review how grateful I was over the week and how I showed that attitude to others.
  • How many others did I help over the week?

Plan Ahead:

  • Set appointments for next weeks informational interviews 
  • Research two new businesses I would like to work with or for
  • Set meeting times and goals with accountability groups and transition career groups
  • Set aside time to volunteer with non-profit or school
  • Send or give Thank You notes
  • Review resume and other documents for any changes or updates needed
  • Schedule training event, Coaching session or Educational course


Establishing a plan to keep focus on the tasks at hand will not only provide a true view of your accomplishments, but help you cope with the emotional roller coaster ride of your career transition!

Kathy Goodin-Mitchell, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Career Advisor & Founder, Career Leverage Advisors