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An Old School Advantage


A Helpful Addition to Your Toolbox
Recently a friend told me about a book by J.N. Whiddon called, "The Old School Advantage" She even gave me a copy since she was so impressed with the author. At first I was skeptical about what this book could teach, but soon discovered a very interesting and helpful addition for my toolbox.

Old Time Skills Needed Today
"The Old School Advantage" is not what I thought it would be...which was a lesson in manners, how to improve my English grammar or other soft skills that are needed in business today. But upon starting the book I found real day to day skills and ideas that made perfect sense on how to improve my verbal style and make others take notice. While the chapter titles seemed simple: Recall, Words, Influence, Reason, Storytelling, Impress, Lead and Learn, I soon discovered that J.N. Whiddon took these concepts and described not only how each worked in the human mind, but also how to use each skill for outstanding success. He even quoted one of my favorite authors, Daniel Pink who is known for his differentiation theories.

Tell Your Story
One of the best chapters instructed on how to tell a story that is memorable, which was a topic that came up in a one of my networking meetings about interviewing recently. After all, isn't storytelling what we do in an interview when asked about ourselves or past experiences? Many people confess they do not tell good stories about themselves which leads to less than outstanding interviews. I think this issue happens because we have never learned how to tell a story that others will be drawn to or remember. We are many generations past the old times when the elders sat around the camp fire and told about their history through stories, which then taught how to tell stories in general. This book can help with this skill.

Worthy of this Quick Read
If you are looking for something to help boost your professional image, make others understand you better, or just become a better influence in business today, I encourage you to consider this book.

You will want to share it too!

Kathy Goodin-Mitchell, MS, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Career Advisor & Founder, Career Leverage Advisors

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