You are not alone in your job search! There are a number of ways to become involved with transition or business groups that enable new relationships and offer advice. Let us help you connect with the groups that are right for you.


Group Networking and mentoring

Statistics show that over 80% of positions are found through networking. It then makes sense to spend 80% of your time networking and not in front of a computer. Let us help you find the local networking or mentoring groups that are right for you.


Accountability Networks

Accountability groups are important to help you stay focused. While they can give support, they also help make sure you are making progress with your search. We can connect you to the group or groups that will ensure your search is productive.


Group Interviewing practice 

You're resume is fresh, you've updated your LinkedIn profile and you've built your network. But are your ready for the interview? Be prepared with one-on-one interviewing practice or join our group interviewing team. Make sure you're prepared when you get the call!